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  1. Electronic signatures in the legal sector

    Do you know the true value of your signature when you apply it? And what are the costs that surround this everyday pr...

  2. Do You Know the True Value of Your Signature?

    A seemingly mundane ‘scribble’ which is inherent in most transactions. This is often processed by other individuals, ...

  3. Change it!

    Do you know how much you are spending on procurement? Is it time to change your companies approach to software and ot...

  4. Can Online Businesses Be Trusted for Corporate Transactions?

    The high-level security issues concerning threats and attacks over online transactions are ever-present. Are business...

  5. Address Book Function

    New address book function, to make document processing even faster!

  6. Introducing 'Veri-Me' by E-Sign

    Veri-me is the first complete solution that merges advanced electronic signature technology, with real world ID valid...

  7. Paperless post is redefining office functions

    Creating a cleaner, paperless office environment is key more dynamic working practices

  8. Signature Placeholder Feature

    Users now have the option to select a location on a document for their signatories to sign.

  9. E-Sign, Continuing to Provide Government Services

    We will be attending the Government exchange event at Microsoft, Victoria, London on the 12th November.

  10. The Changing Face Of The Office

    How technologies are shaping the workplace of the future.

  11. Don’t try and fit an old process into your new method

    Overcoming old habits used on paper documents when dealing with its new digital counterpart will see significant bene...

  12. How E-Sign Meets High Level Compliance Regulations Within Both The FCA & PRA Handbooks

    E-Sign can assist companies within finance and insurance industries meet compliance with document processing and stor...

  13. E-Sign releases version 2 RDB ProNet plug-in, following great user feedback.

    E-Sign releases version 2 RDB ProNet plug-in, following great user feedback.

  14. E-Sign develops RDB ProNet plug-in.

    E-Sign develops RDB ProNet plug-in

  15. E-Sign is proud to supply the UK government with a great service.

    E-Sign will offer software as a service (SaaS) to UK government.

  16. E-Sign Secure Digital Revolution

    E-Sign recently launched a “pay as you go” digital e-signature with secure document storage solution at Manx BioMed 2014

  17. New ID Document Validation & Payment Methods

    We are making continual scheduled updates to E-Sign, to keep our customers at the forefront of electronic signature t...

  18. Listening to our customers about what they want

    Not just the generic ‘we value your feedback’ line, but using what our customers say to drive and develop the e-Sign ...

  19. e-Sign achieves ISO27001 certification

    e-Sign achieved the internationally recognised standard, establishing its one of the leaders in ‘Advanced electronic ...

  20. New features and updates being introduced for our customers

    We are making scheduled updates to E-Sign, to keep our customers at the forefront of electronic signature technology.

  21. Adding value to your business with ‘API’

    You can merge e-sign into your own company IT infrastructure or any other corporate workflow, to get the most out of ...

  22. Electronic signature strategies for your business

    Here at e-sign, we believe all businesses can play a key role in integrating electronic signature technology througho...

  23. Breaking the Habit of going with, well. Old habits!

    This week I stumbled across a post by Gijs van Wulfen, an author and speaker on innovation, who has just released his...

  24. Be brave! Lose the habit of hand signing in everyday life!

    Why we need to break the habit of the ‘status quo’ (not the band they’re awesome) and better protect ourselves in the...

  25. Drag 'n' Drop your signatures on e-Sign

    You can now drag 'n' drop your signatures on e-Sign, making it easy to sign on the dotted line.

  26. Introducing e-Sign, a new take on electronic signatures

    It’s an exciting week for the team at e-Sign, as we’re taking the service out of beta and fully launching the service...