5 Ways Electronic Signatures Can Improve Your Business

Jun 27, 2018

Electronic Signatures

We have been promised technology that would make our lives easier and make us more effective at work and at play. Technology enables us to connect with people all over the world, get important information in seconds and operate our small businesses on a global scale. It has made doing business online easier and more efficient and even offers us a tool that can improve many aspects of our business. That tool is an electronic signature.

Electronic signature software makes signing documents online possible and it can provide a wide range of benefits that can grow our businesses and make us that much more competitive. Whatever the document, from mortgage and loan paperwork, to business contracts and more, electronic signature software can make signing it online possible. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using e-signatures to improve your business and how this technology can make you more effective.

5 Ways Electronic Signatures are improving the Way You Do Business

Go paperless- electronic signature software enables you to go paperless and send all of your important business contracts online. This means less paper, less waste and a lot less time spent mailing important documents to clients and vendors.

Become GDPR compliant- electronic signatures will also make your business more GDPR compliant, as patient privacy and other personal information will be handled more securely online.

Reduce Costs- you can save a lot of money by using electronic signature software. You will reduce the amount of paper you use as well as printer maintenance, shipping costs and time spend searching for lost documents, rekeying data and filing important business documents.

Improve Customer Relations- more and more people are becoming accustomed to doing business online and they will often seek out businesses that do so as well. This makes it easier for them to sign contracts online without having to download or install anything onto their computers or laptops. And with many of them going mobile, this makes it even easier.

Track Your Progress- with electronic signature software, you can track the progress of your important documents easier and more efficiently. You will know if a document has been signed yet, if it was received by the intended party and you can even send a reminder if the document hasn’t been signed by a predetermined date.

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