Digital Transformation - Disruptive pricing in Electronic Signature Market?

Oct 03, 2018

Digital Transformation

Organisations around the world are transforming their business processes, using digital technologies to deliver agility, efficiency, cost savings, and greater customer experiences. Electronic signatures have become an integral part of a businesses digital transformation because they can connect multiple enterprise software systems.

Utilising electronic signatures as part of a digital transformation strategy is designed to improve processes, activities and infrastructure to more efficiently serve the customers, save money and improve the user experience.

In recent years, for those using electronic signatures, the laws of consumption economics have taken hold and enhanced business needs, resulting in users utilising more and more features. Coupled with this, users have provided invaluable feedback, to service provider’s, giving useful information as to product flow and function (intelligent, customer led research). This information has assisted electronic signature providers to generate a clearer roadmap as to how to:

  • make product improvements
  • increase customer loyalty
  • attract new customers

This invaluable contribution from SaaS (Software as a Service) customers has enabled E-Sign to develop an e-signature software that is versatile and cost effective to our customers needs. Unlike other service providers E-Sign offers all features to all users.

This business model is not adopted by many of our competitors who only offer enhanced features at inflated prices, with each feature being an additional cost to the customer, ultimately making them pay for their own feedback.

The question we ask is, "Why hold these features back from those who helped you develop them, based on price point?"

Obviously, service providers in the market need to cover their costs and generate revenue (especially important to re-invest back into customer service and user experience), but what are the other costs being factored in by your service provider?

Inefficient Business Operations

Inefficient business operations can cause significant and unexpected price increases to customers. Some examples of the reasons for customer price increases are:

  • Inefficient marketing costs
  • Over burdensome workforce (with ineffective output)
  • Ineffective financial modelling leading to less than expected revenue
  • Poor customer service and relations
  • Service provider inflating revenues in preparation for an initial public offering (stock floatation)

Why pay more?

It is undisputed that transmission and storage of your documents via E-Signature providers is far more secure and efficient than older methods such as mail. Yet why should this cost you more? See the comparison of E-Sign against the traditional methods and other Service providers:

Why pay more?

The expansive range with other signature providers is due to limitations on features and number of users. It is also noteworthy to know that most other service providers place a cap of (on average) 100 documents per month.

With the growth of the Electronic Signature Market, providers can enjoy the increase in number of users, however they don’t reflect their growth in their pricing. Surely, if the users are increasing significantly, then the unit cost of an electronic signature must be well within reasonable and cost effective parameters?

Service providers who have benefited from their customers feedback to help them grow should be rewarding their customers not punishing them by inflating prices (in some instances) over 100%?

At E-Sign we realise the importance of every single customer and do not hold anything back. Document volume, users and functionality, all come without borders or boundaries.

Since established, E-Sign has operated on an effective and efficient business model, that allows us to directly provide customers with the lowest cost service on the market but whilst maintaining the highest quality platform and customer support.

If you would like to discuss the application of electronic signatures into your business, then please get in touch.

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