How Electronic Signatures can Reduce Costs For Small Businesses

Jul 19, 2018

How Electronic Signatures can Reduce Costs For Small Businesses

Small business owners are always looking for ways to reduce costs. They don’t typically have the budgets that larger companies have and that usually means every sale and every expenditure matters even more. If you are looking for some effective, and easy ways to manage costs, keep reading and learn some ways that electronic signatures can help you reduce your overheads and increase your profit margins.

The Cost And Benefit Of Digital Vs Paper Based Processes

So, just what is an electronic signature and how can it save your small business money? Let’s take a look:

Simply put, an electronic signature, or online signature, can identify you based on a series of key identifiers, which include

  • Time & Date stamp you made the signature
  • IP address
  • Digital certificate
  • Advanced audit trail
  • Unique digital and signature fingerprints unique to the document and the signers

In the digital world, an electronic signature allows you to sign a document in a similar way you apply your own personal signature on paper, except it is impossible to forge while being easy to verify using the provided data.

An electronic signature provides a wide range of benefits from lowering your carbon footprint and reducing your administration costs, to saving you time and increasing both security and document integrity. These are all important factors for any business, especially small businesses and startups.

Companies such as the UK’s E-Sign provide a wide range of professional online signature services for small businesses including their popular Fast Forms and Form Builder services, as well as offering pricing tailored to the market your small business typically operates in.

How Electronic Signatures can Reduce Costs For Small Businesses

How Can Online Signatures Save Small Businesses Money?

Small businesses typically have smaller budgets, smaller teams to manage contracts/clients and they are usually in a highly competitive market. Let’s take a look at how esignatures can help solve these problems.

Small Budget- as any small business owner already knows, they have to operate on a smaller budget than their larger competitors. This can make certain aspects of their business more difficult than others. Using E-Sign and our exclusive digital based services, they will use less paper and require less printing services. Paper in itself poses many factors that cost a small business money.

From the storage of the paper, to the cost involved printing it, which, of course, includes its own costs such as ink and printer maintenance, and the costs associated with shipping forms and documents through courier services, there are many costs to consider with paper-based processes. A small business can save thousands of pounds every year by going paperless and using electronic signatures.

Small business owners can use E-Sign’s Form Builder service to create the online forms they need without having to spend a lot of money on a web developer or IT person. E-Sign is an affordable solution for small businesses looking to go digital without spending a fortune. E-Sign can create personalised business documents which include your company logo at budget friendly prices saving your small business both time and money.

Form Builder Service

Smaller Teams To Manage Contracts/Clients- small business also have smaller teams to manage their contracts and that means they often do the work of twice as many people to save money and meet cost expectations. Using E-Sign’s Fast Forms, small businesses can easily have a document embedded into their emails, apps or even their website, enabling clients to access and provide an online signature. This makes it easy for the client and can save the sales team a lot of time by not having to take time out of their schedule for the actual signature. This will save your small business a lot of money and enable your sales team to focus on growing your sales rather than doing paperwork.

Fast Form

In A Highly Competitive Market- today’s small businesses are usually in highly competitive markets that can make just about every aspect of their business seem more challenging. By going digital, you can improve the public perception of your company as consumers like to see companies that are comfortable with technology and that are looking towards the future. When your public perception is high, your sales will soon follow.

E-Sign is the UK leader in electronic signature technology and our services can save your small business a lot of time and money by reducing many of your paper related costs that add up very quickly. While many small business owners don’t often think of reducing how much printer ink they use, or how much they spend on shipping costs every month, the team at E-Sign does and we can create a custom tailored online signature solution for you that let’s your customers provide their electronic signature free. Contact us today and see what E-Sign can do for your business.

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