Introducing 'Veri-Me' by E-Sign

Mar 02, 2016

Veri-me is the first complete solution that merges advanced electronic signature technology, with real world ID validation!

Veri-Me Banner

In a world where money laundering and identity fraud is ever present, trust Veri-me to make it simple and safer for you to on-board your clients.

The Veri-me verification technology lets you check the identity of over 4 billion people, anytime, anywhere in the world

The Veri-me benefits

  • Verify the identity of more than half the worlds population
  • Merge real world ID into a document signature instantly
  • Meet and exceed regulatory requirements

How it works

Veri-me is incredibly simple to use and is integrated into the E-Sign platform…

Selecting Veri-Me Screenshot

As well as our new look platform you will notice the veri-me buttons underneath the sending options. Simply enable this to incorporate real world ID into the document signature process…

Users are then invited to sign as normal, but first are directed to the ID validation page….

ID Validation Page Screenshot More of the ID Validation Page

Once the signer provides the required information, this is then checked against our live global ID databases. If the credentials given are valid, then the user is invited to sign the document as normal…

However on the signer ID verification users will observe a new button, stating ‘ID verified’.

Signer Verification Screenshot

The user can then click on this, and access the signer ID report, which is available as a full download-able PDF report, always accessible from within the document signature:

ID Verified Summary ID Verified Summary Cont.

To test how E-Sign can improve your business mobility try us out for free by clicking here

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