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Sep 25, 2017

Creating a cleaner, paperless office environment is key more dynamic working practices

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If correctly managed, the continuing transition to a paperless office will allow for the reduction of physical documents, and the automation of business processes will significantly improve productivity and allow more efficient use of space, and drive significant business benefits.

Promotion of the paperless workplace is motivated by a variety of things, most borne out of necessity. We see an equal proportion of clients registering for our service from both growth markets and those markets in decline. In both, cost reductions and efficiency play a key driver. There is also a desire to lessen a company’s carbon footprint. The average employee is currently thought to use over 10,000 sheets of paper a year, a third of which is not recycled. Therefore, for many businesses, a renewed focus on reducing waste is a priority.

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Using E-Sign to make the transition

We can eliminate the need for your business to store files on site, therefore freeing up a large amount of space, which can be utilised for more productive purposes. ‘

The ‘dead space’ previously taken up by boxes or filing cabinets can be transformed for a more efficient use of square footage, as providing staff with an environment where they can take time away from the working day increases concentration, productivity and wellbeing.

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Some businesses are put off by the possibility of an initial investment to make the transition to the paperless office. They perhaps believe that for electronic data to be stored, shared and analysed, the company would need to install sufficient hardware, software, security systems and provide training programmes for employees. Whilst this may be the case with other service providers, this is not so with E-Sign. Businesses can try us for free in the first instance, and when they decide to continue with the service, the cost is considerably cheaper than the average price of £3.80 per paper document (being sent out via the post), so the savings are instantaneous, including time savings in waiting for a return response from the recipient.

Files are easier to locate and processes are often streamlined through our audit trails, reducing time invested by staff and the scope for human error

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During the transition to a paperless office, consideration needs to be given to security. Traditionally important documents are often left in or around desk space or a filing cabinet. E-Sign will securely store and encrypt your electronic documents. Access will only ever be granted to those you permit, and the documents will always be stored under our secure firewalls within our own servers within our UK based datacentre (under ISO27001 conditions). This removes the risk of loss and theft (PCI compliant) that is ever present with paper documents, as well as misplacement or delay in transfer by a third party intermediary handling the document. The electronic back-up of business data and storage of documents via E-Sign removes many of the business continuity issues surrounding equipment breakage, flood damage or fire, as files can be easily recovered.

In order for a business to successfully adopt the paperless office, it requires a patient and smooth transition from the physical to the electronic. Changes will not happen overnight. Trials should be implemented and if successful, the new process gradually introduced as the other is phased out. Staff should be allowed to get to grips with new processes and sufficient information and training given. The notion of a truly paperless office can at times seem unrealistic and unachievable due to a resistance from staff and leaders to move forward (as illustrated by Lewins famous force field analysis to organisational change). E-Sign will work with your business to make the changes required. We will assist with staff training and help get you on-board and using the platform in a timely manner, thus allowing you to make savings immediately.

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