Signature Placeholder Feature

Oct 27, 2015

Users now have the option to select a location on a document for their signatories to sign.

Thanks to valued user feedback, we have implemented a ‘signature placeholder’ function.

This allows document authors to pre-determine where their signatories will have their signature added to the document.

First, Select the sign, co-sign function as required….

Next insert recipient’s details, and any other information requested from the signatory….

Then on the next screen, click on the blue ‘place fields’ button illustrated below.

You are now in the label editor function. Click on the signature button, and select the recipients label…..

You can then drag and drop the label(s) where ever you require on your document…

Click the green ‘Continue’ button’

Then continue with the signing process as normal. We will send a notification to your signatories and guide them through our simple signing process.

When they sign the document, we will place their signature in your pre-determined location for you, with no fuss…

We really hope you enjoy this new feature, and if you have any questions about this or any other feature, please get in touch.

Thanks The E-Sign team

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