The Changing Face Of The Office

Oct 20, 2015

How technologies are shaping the workplace of the future.

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Today, digital cloud services have become impossible to ignore. While we’re always hearing about how technology is going to change everything, it now seems that innovative approaches to how we live, work and play are having a drastic impact on everyday life.

What does the workplace look like in a world where physical location has become unimportant, and where people are able to connect seamlessly from almost anywhere on the planet?

Telecommuting – This is defined as a remote work arrangement in which employees do not commute to a central place of work, but can work at various locations (home-sourced, or work at home employee).

Since the realisation of remote working due to improving technologies, there has been a significant increase in telecommuting..

In just 3 years the U.S has seen the number of citizens telecommuting rise from 2.3% to 24% (source: CBI survey). Here in the UK, the same survey shows 1/10th the British workforce remote working. (This is a common practice here at E-Sign HQ).

According to Microsoft, workspaces are changing from places where employees access necessary data and equipment to places centred around collaboration and interaction with colleagues.

The proliferation of accessible mobile devices has made it easy for people to utilise cloud-based solutions to fulfil their requirements whilst at the same time remaining flexible and mobile.

Cloud Computing

How does E-Sign help with this?

E-Sign have advocated new practices which allow greater flexibility in the work place, as the benefits often become immediately apparent to employees.

With our advanced signature solution, employees can remain mobile without others having to track them down to have documents signed. E-sign allows users to access and sign important agreements and keep up to date with business activities without the need to remain fixed at a desk or any particular location.

Employees can constantly monitor in real-time, all the deals and progress of workers, knowing that everyone has instant access to company documents regardless of the location.

To test how E-Sign can improve your business mobility try us out for free by clicking here

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