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Nov 12, 2018

ROI Calculator

Over the last few years more and more organisations have been adopting E-Sign technology as part of their digital transformation strategy with the aim to digitise their paper related processes. However, there are still organisations out there yet to embrace this technology. Reason being, investing in a digital software for a business requires the key decision makers to be well informed on the return on investment of integrating E-Sign into their business processes.

To make things easier, we have created a very simple calculator for you to evaluate your current paperwork processing costs and the comparison to using E-Sign.

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Before committing to using digital transformation software such as E-Sign, key decision makers need persuasive and compelling reasons to help them prioritise the act of e-signing online documents. To support the ROI calculator, let us explore how E-Sign technology can have a positive impact your organisation:

Increase reach and customer base

Using electronic signature software eliminates geographical barriers to getting documents completed, but it also attracts the digital natives to use your service. Customer convenience and ease of use are instrumental to high conversion rates. Sending documents to your clients so they can complete using online and mobile channels captures consent there and then, with no risk of delays.

Fast and convenient transactions

Fast Convenient Transactions

Electronic signatures improve business processes by speeding them up. The days of signing contracts by hand are slowly becoming a thing of the past, because customers want to be able to get things done whilst on the move using mobile devices. In a recent study, the document turnaround time reduced by up to 80% when compared with traditional postage means.

E-Sign Legal Industry Research

Reduced time spent chasing customers for signatures

Employees can spend a considerable amount of admin time managing paperwork, such as chasing up clients, filing and retrieving documents. Digitisation of the paper signing process eradicates the time and effort spent on managing the old-fashioned paper documents. Staff can automate reminders, send and retrieve via emails and securely store and retrieve documents.

Our most recent audit showed that over 95% of documents sent for electronic signature using E-Sign being completed in less than 48 hours.

Error free processes

Error Free Processes

With paper document processes, its reported that over 40% of completed documents contained some type of error, requiring the process to be re-established, causing both inconvenience and costly delays. E-Sign technology provides its users with an error free transaction process, instantly reducing costs and accelerating the speed of document completion.

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