Adding value to your business with ‘API’

Dec 21, 2013

You can merge e-sign into your own company IT infrastructure or any other corporate workflow, to get the most out of your business.

Since we introduced our application programming interface (API) as an option for clients to integrate our service into their own workflow, we have had a very positive response.

But considering the competitive nature of most present market segments, it isn’t difficult to see why.

Companies are always looking for the next best innovative product or technology that will save them money, and give them the advantage over the competition whilst at the same time portraying them as the leaders in their field when it comes to being responsive to change as well as being agile in business.

When speaking to clients who are about to introduce our service into their systems we determine what it is they want from e-sign, and the issue they currently have that they want us to help solve.

To see the value we add to businesses, we ask questions such as;

  • Volume of customers, and employees that are dealt with via documentation such as letters etc.
  • The issues the company currently have with their current method of document and signature delivery.
  • The solution integrating our service will bring to a business and its value (cost savings).

There are many reasons why our API service suits most businesses, the most obvious one everyone appreciates is the cost savings we bring to industry. It costs around £1.30 (for a letter to travel a day or two) to a company, for each document they print and post out for a signature (which then travels another day or two back to your office). Compare that to e-signs overall cost of around 22p with an instantaneous delivery!

But more important than the cost savings is the ability for businesses to get things done almost immediately between other businesses and clients (credit agreements etc). This is further enhanced when a business is using API to integrate us seamlessly into their own software, to engage with their customers, employees and other businesses alike to close deals, resolve issues and any other matters, with a unique signature that provides security, traceability, accountability and compliance.

Take a look at how we could fit into your operation;

E-sign API & CRM

If you would like further information on how we could help your business grow faster, take a look at what we offer

We would love to hear from you, please feel free to get in touch with us at

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