Be brave! Lose the habit of hand signing in everyday life!

Sep 05, 2013

Why we need to break the habit of the ‘status quo’ (not the band they’re awesome) and better protect ourselves in the business we do.

Since our official launch just over a month ago, here at e-sign HQ we have been working hard to address the issues that make people apprehensive in pulling themselves away from putting ‘pen to paper’ on a day to day basis.

I myself ithought (still do obviously!) that in this era we are in, where everything needs to be done by yesterday, and at a bare minimum expense, signing things electronically was a ‘no-brainer’.

As well as the most obvious reason being that it’s a million times more secure that a scribble on a dotted line (especially our signatures because they are simply…well ….awesome), you can get things done and agreed in a single morning without spending days looking for the postie!

We are finding that individuals and micro businesses are loving e-sign and everyday our client base is expanding in the 110 countries that we are honoured to be operating in. The issue is a lot closer to home however. Despite our cousins across the pond and the rest of Europe welcoming the age of digital signature technology with open arms, we find Large UK businesses adapting to electronic signatures at a slightly slower rate.

I’ll give an example of one of our business consultants we have on-board with us here at e-sign. It was his position that e-sign and everything we represent was/is a breath of fresh air for British infrastructure and welcomed the change as openly and enthusiastically as everyone else we have encountered on our journey. The problem was his company had a process of accepting ‘wet signatures’, in original form, (that’s no copies to you and me), and posted via the mail service, this has since been rectified by me being as diplomatic as my two year old son is in a stand off! However it needn’t be that difficult!

This problem is in place throughout industry, as the hand signature has been in place since the beginning of time and certainly as long as all companies have been operating. This is creating the issue that no one has thought to change the national standard of hand signatures, breaking ranks within their respective companies and realising there is a much much much better, quicker and safer way to do business.

With this in mind, we at e-sign HQ are going to be launching campaigns to help businesses come out of the dark ages, so watch this space!

In parting I would just like to say two things. Firstly, to the ‘little guy’ well done on getting the jump on the big businesses and adapting to efficiency….well…efficiently!

And to the big businesses, those of you who have broken the status quo (seriously not the band!) and caught up to the digital era, I salute you!

Tom e-sign

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