Breaking the Habit of going with, well. Old habits!

Sep 13, 2013

The problem is never how to get new, innovative thoughts into your mind, but how to get old ones out. Every mind is a building filled with archaic furniture. Clean out a corner of your mind and creativity will instantly fill it. (Dee Hock)

This week I stumbled across a post by Gijs van Wulfen, an author and speaker on innovation, who has just released his latest publication ‘The innovation expedition’.

Whilst the main focus appears to be on developing ones creativity, and instinct for fresh ideas. The same applies from a customer point of view. As I have on many occasions found out, it’s great having innovative ideas that genuinely contribute to the world around you, but you also need to project your train of thought and realization on those who will benefit from it!

So how are we achieving this at e-sign? Are we achieving it?

We know we have a valuable service and it looks as though other people and businesses do too. As of this posting e-sign was being used in 126 countries around the globe, (yes we will be updating the banner on the site…).

But there are still a lot of companies and individuals out there that haven’t ‘cleared out their minds’, at a stretch those I mention have come part way of the transition by adopting normal electronic signatures that are just a computer generated replica of a traditional hand signature. (Madness I know, as they hold less validity than a hand signature, and have zero security!), but perhaps this is just a natural evolutionary step needed to progress onto the advanced electronic signature technology used at e-sign.

I don’t profess that e-sign is ahead of its time, far from it! I think our service should have been out there a long time ago. But the reason it isn’t will be attributed to the fact that as mentioned, its great having a moment of clarity, but unless you are a member of the Borg, (ask a trekkie if you are unsure… I’m proud to be one…), you will always face a monumental task getting people to change their habits. Hopefully here at e-sign we are winning with this, let us know if you think we are…


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