Drag 'n' Drop your signatures on e-Sign

Sep 02, 2013

You can now drag 'n' drop your signatures on e-Sign, making it easy to sign on the dotted line.

For those of you that have used our service over the weekend, you may of noticed a new feature added when signing your documents.

We successfully launched our ‘drag n drop’ signature feature on Friday, allowing our users to (optionally) place their unique electronic signature on the dotted line, as well as the document as a whole.

You will notice that your ‘drag n drop’ signature is in keeping with our ethos of not trying to replicate a redundant artificial hand signature. It’s still your individual QR signature with digital fingerprint that can not be forged and is still unique to the document which it is on.

As with everything on e-Sign, it’s a simple process to place your signature. You just select your page and then click and drag it to where you want it to appear. Easy as that!

We hope you enjoy using what we promise is the first of many useful features for our users.

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