E-Sign is proud to supply the UK government with a great service.

Feb 04, 2015

E-Sign will offer software as a service (SaaS) to UK government.

Digital ID screenshot

We are very pleased to be able to offer our services as an official supplier to the government procurement service. E-Sign has been working on creating a robust platform for many industries over the last few years, and we are very excited at offering a diverse, cost effective digital solution throughout governmental departments.

This procurement solution is in accordance with the government’s ‘Digital Strategy’.

The Government Digital Strategy sets out how government will redesign its digital services to make them so straightforward and convenient, they are accessible to everyone.

The government estimates that moving away from offline, to digital channels will save £1.7 to £1.8 Billion per year.

E-Sign will provide a ‘software as a service’ infrastructure to government departments, and aim to facilitate in a complete digital transition of government functions. This will go beyond our core-function of advanced electronic signatures and into creating a complete digital platform for secure document storage and record keeping functions.

We aim to offer our new secure digital platforms within the procurement environment as well as other parts of industry. These new platforms include:

  • Secure digital on-line voting solutions
  • Identity validation and authentication services
  • Digital currency audit tracking

More information on these services will be made available shortly on the E-Sign website www.e-sign.co.uk

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