How electronic signatures can help letting agents connect with customers?

Mar 19, 2018

Any Letting Agent would tell you that a prospective tenants experience when viewing a property is as equally important as its functional requirements such as price and location. They also tell you that a customers experience doesn’t end when the viewing is completed; it includes the relationship they build with the agent and ultimately the Letting Company.

Due to this, Agents are improving their customers experience through the digital transformation of the letting process to simplify and streamline their work processes in order to focus more time on their customers. One tried and tested method is electronic signature software.

Electronic signatures; whilst simple in nature, are an ideal tool for sales and lettings companies to achieve a completely digital workflow, increasing efficiencies and cost savings and ultimately providing enhanced customer experiences.

E-Sign Letting Agreement

The areas electronic signatures benefit sales and lettings companies are:

  1. Fast and convenient transactions
  2. Error free processes
  3. Compliance

1. Fast and convenient transactions

Electronic signatures improve business processes by speeding them up. The days of paper-based signing and the mailing of documents are long gone because customer convenience and ease of use are instrumental to high customer conversion rates.

People want the immediacy and convenience that digital technology offers them and letting agents are adapting to cater for their clients digital preferences.

People want to get contracts completed there and then using computers, tablets and smart phones with little or no delay, and a study found that by using electronic signatures, the turnaround time of a document can be reduced by up to 80% when compared with traditional postage means.

E-Sign letting turaround time reduced 80 percent

Considering we live in an age where over 48 million people in the UK own a smart phone, shouldn’t more business be completed using these types of devices to get deals done faster? For example, a prospective tenant could easily esign an AST with their mobile phone there and then during the property viewing, allowing agents to get Lets agreed and signed faster.

2. Error free processes

Using electronic signature technology provides its users with an error free transaction, instantly reducing costs and accelerating the overall process. With paper-based systems of the past, over 40% of completed documents contained some type of error, requiring the process to be re-established causing both inconvenient and costly delays.
Using electronic signature technology allows for every step to be managed and controlled, removing the risk of documents being not-in-good-order.

For Letting agents this means they can have digital short-hold tenancy agreements set up with strict instructions on completion which can be sent to their prospective tenants to complete and prevent AST’s being not-in-good-order. By doing so you instantly remove the back and forth of contracts, and the inconveniences it causes.

3. Compliance

Any electronic signature solution worth its salt captures the entire signing process, allowing you to revisit every step of a document transaction identifying who, where, when and how somebody e-signed it through a comprehensive audit trail. They offer anti-tampering controls that seal documents after each signature, offering a level of transparency and accountability which are difficult to achieve with a paper-based process.

For the letting of a property this is invaluable; because agents, landlords and tenants involved in the process all want securities in place that everyone will abide by the terms of the contract. A Letting Agency offering its clients security and assurances that the contract they sign is legally binding will set their minds a rest that they are in good hands.

E-Sign letting contracts legally binding

The Letting Agency can take solace in the knowledge that should a party within the process fail to meet their terms, the contract is legally binding and they can rely upon it if challenged, because they can prove who, where, when and how the contract in question was e-signed.

For more information on the legality of electronic signatures, E-Sign has a dedicated page discussing the salient points of the legislation governing the UK, Europe and the US.

Electronic signatures are increasingly being used in everyday transactions because they allow for a reduction in operational costs, improvement in document integrity and security, as well as increasing business efficiency. E-Sign is an advanced electronic signature software which has:


So whether you need a swift turnaround of a AST, secure handling of a contract signing, convenient witnessing of a statement or managing any of the other myriad of vital signable documents, then E-Sign can help.

If you would like more information on electronic signatures and the digitising of tenancy agreements, inventories etc., don't hesitate to contact us at or

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