Listening to our customers about what they want

May 01, 2014

Not just the generic ‘we value your feedback’ line, but using what our customers say to drive and develop the e-Sign service.

When creating, and sustaining a business, the senior management team will usually use what is called ‘user personas’ to create a product that is focused on the type of client they want to attract, and which will generate the most revenue.

This comes with inherent issues, as this method of business limits the flexibility in your product, and shuts out large parts of the market, with no consideration to customer requirements.

We do things very differently at e-Sign.

We have created a great service, which could serve as a ‘blank canvas’ or foundation for both businesses and personal customers alike.

Next instead of pushing a product on a ‘one size fits all’ basis, we let the service spread through industry organically. This led to some interesting results.

We noted that e-Sign travelled globally into a diverse market, where users liked the initial feel of the service, but then informed us of its application in the business respective of each individual customer (how they saw it fitting into their operations).

This led to some great feedback and ideas for development, which then challenged our development team to enhance our service and the e-Sign platform.

Some of this feedback included;

  • The option to edit document elements in the e-Sign dashboard.
  • Own label’ branding, when using the API platform in your company workflow.
  • Multiple ‘drag and drop’ signing for each individual user.
  • Google drive facility as well as Dropbox
  • Development of ‘plug-ins’ to use e-Sign directly in the word environment.

We are now currently working to have these enhancements added to the service, and will notify customers when they go live.

This highlights our commitment to continuously working and listening to our customers, to deliver value and security.

Any questions or ideas, we will listen to, and will work tirelessly to integrate our service seamlessly into your own CRM so feel free to get in touch with us anytime!

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