New features and updates being introduced for our customers

Mar 01, 2014

We are making scheduled updates to E-Sign, to keep our customers at the forefront of electronic signature technology.

As our clients quickly figure out upon setting up an E-Sign account, unlike other signature service providers, E-Sign provides an advanced electronic signature, which focuses on Security, Traceability and Compliance.

Our API service has been well received by companies from very diverse areas of industry. Therefore we have started scheduled updates to the API facility, which will cater for its deployment and application across the various business sectors. What this means for your business is that you will be able to request bespoke features (own branding, unique signature information etc.) which are more fitting to your business, and will give a seamless workflow. The API will be simple for a company or individual to implement following our instructions and with our support. This new updated API will be ready for deployment towards the end of February and we will inform our clients who have already registered an interest for this service, when it is ready for deployment and will invite them to trial this service for free.

We have already implemented some updates onto the E-Sign dashboard, such as the ‘add/remove label’ option from documents. The optional information field will be implemented into E-Sign within the next few weeks also. This will allow users to request for specific information from their signers, such as other identification credentials, (passport/ driving licence number etc.)

We will also be updating our price plans and changing them from the launch prices to their correct market value. They will remain very competitive and cheaper and more straightforward than that of other service providers, and the plans will still be non-contractual.

The prices will be as follows;

  • Personal plan (up to 2 users) - £15 ($25) per month.
  • Business plan (3 to 10 users) - £30 ($50) per month (£10/$15) per additional requested user after this.
  • API – POA (dependant on number of users, document storage space required and volume of signatures needed).

‘These changes will not affect existing customers, or customers who sign up between now and when the price changes are implemented’

E-Sign offers great value after the price plan change, and the new prices reflect the high quality service we provide, when users consider what we offer;

  • High security document storage on indemnified servers with secured mirrored backup.
  • Secure SSL encryption
  • Full digital audit traceability, showing when and where your document has been signed (including the IP address of the signer).
  • Can incorporate other ID into the signature
  • Signature can be verified in any document form (paper/electronic etc.)
  • Advanced electronic signature, with latest electronic signature technology, for company security and compliance requirements (and in accordance with EU and U.S legislation).

We enjoy being able to assist both existing and new customers in getting over the problems they face in getting their documents signed, and providing industry with a modern way to securely store their important documents with an easy way of locating and referencing them, along with a full audit trail.

‘We like to think this is a thing of the past’…


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