New ID Document Validation & Payment Methods

Jul 24, 2014

We are making continual scheduled updates to E-Sign, to keep our customers at the forefront of electronic signature technology and improve document security.

There will be noticeable changes to the E-Sign service in the coming weeks. Some of the changes (you may have already noticed), went live over the past few days, these are:

ID validation, embedded into your E-Sign signature – when users enter the ‘edit your profile’ area of their account, they will now notice they have the option to ender valid forms of ID documentation (see illustration).

Profile screenshot

When users click in the relevant ID buttons, they have the option to upload a copy of their ID. This is then viewable in their advanced electronic signature, when the recipient clicks in the corresponding ID button within the signers ‘digital ID’ (see illustration)

Digital ID screenshot

If a user clicks on one of the green ID buttons above, then they can verify the signers ID.

This process allows for easy identification and assists in tackling fraudulent crime, and issues such as anti-money laundering etc.

This Process is being further enhanced, by improving the functionality of the ID feature, by allowing users to hide the ID option from their signature if it isn’t required on a particular document.

New Direct Debit payment feature – Users now have the option to pay for the E-Sign service by Direct Debit, which is powered by ‘Go-Cardless’.

Users simply change their payment details in the ‘edit payment details’ section of the users account. Here they can switch, by selecting the desired payment option as illustrated:

Profile screenshot

The direct debit method does not change the fact that E-Sign is a non-contractual service. You only ever pay month by month!

We cannot wait to share the other forthcoming features with our users; these include, but are not limited to;

  • Multiple ‘drag n drop’ signing.
  • Users add their own additional info into their profile, to embed onto their electronic signature, as well as refinements to requesting additional info from signers.
  • ‘Add file attachment’ to documents to be signed.

As well as these exciting features, we will be launching the IOS app, free of charge on the apple store, in the coming few weeks.

We hope you enjoy the additional features, and we will continually work to give you the most advanced service in the market.

We can’t wait to share the next developments with you!

Kindest regards

The E-Sign team

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