Introducing e-Sign, a new take on electronic signatures

Aug 08, 2013

It’s an exciting week for the team at e-Sign, as we’re taking the service out of beta and fully launching the service. We’ve been beta testing for the last couple of months and have had some great feedback from users.

For those new to e-Sign (and maybe e-signatures in general) I’d like to give you a quick introduction to the service and what we’re about.

In a nutshell, e-Sign is an online service that helps you to electronically sign your documents quickly and securely. Signing documents online can save your business money (such as postage and administration costs) and help with a reduction in de-forestation.

There are services around already that help you do this, but we’re on a mission to raise the standard of electronic signatures and help you to close your deals faster. e-Sign is about speed, security and usability all in a single package – and you can sign 2 documens for Free on our base plan (30 day trials are available on premium plans)!

Our interface is fast & super simple to use compared to the complicated, jargon-filled systems of Adobe EchoSign or DocuSign. Do you have clients that you need to agree terms with? Request a signature and we’ll take them through a simple step-by-step process to respond and confirm their agreement to your document. Your deals can be closed within the hour!

Professional and trustworthy, our signatures are a step ahead of nostalgic hand signatures – you’ll find no pictures of a scribble here. Instead we embrace digital technologies to build your electronic identity.

At the time of signature we automatically collect information such as the date/time, location and the device you used to confirm your agreement.

Unlike your scribbly hand signature, every e-Sign signature is 100% unique to you. On every signature, a QR Code containing your information is smartly embedded into your document – how much more credible is that than the insecure and out-dated hand signature?

We’ve been working hard to get that balance of security, speed and usability, but we’re not about to stop now we’ve launched. Sign up for a free e-Sign account and let us know what you think, either via the online app, here on the blog or by tweeting us.

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